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The elbow is a hinge and pivot joint that allows for bending, extension, and rotation the arm. It connects the humerus to the radius and ulna with ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Fractures and dislocations, muscle strains, sprain, and injuries to joints and ligaments are some types of acute elbow injuries.

Rest is the most effective treatment because elbow injuries are commonly caused by overuse. Limited usage will alleviate the problem. Immobilizing the elbow with a splint will help absorb shock and rest the muscles and tendons.

Some doctors will recommend heat therapy to increase circulation and accelerate healing. Cold therapy usually follows as it reduces swelling and pain. Sometimes your chiropractor will use electro-stimulation to increase the healing process between hot and cold treatments.

Cortisone injections will alleviate elbow pain and swelling but almost always deteriorate the ligaments after repetitive doses.

Another form of treatment is similar to vaccinations where your doctor will inject an "artificial injury" to stimulate the cells to repair themselves.

In any case surgery should be the last resort.


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